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What are you doing for EARTH DAY Friday April 22, 2011?! Busy, work? Well you’re in luck, because Sunday, April 24th is Arbor Day, so the entire weekend from start to finish is going to be GREEN! So give back to this planet we call earth because every single person uses it and abuses it one way or another so it deserves a little TLC! Honestly it’s sad that we had to create a day just so people remember to do just that. So here are some tips you should do everyday to help out the planet;

1. Turn off the lights in your house when they are not in use; not only will this save electricity, but perhaps lower your heating bill and you will save money overtime on replacement bulbs, its pretty much a win-win situation.

2. Unplug chargers from the wall when they are not in use; yes this means your cell phone charger! If you think leaving it in the wall all day long is fine because its only using energy when your phone is connected to the other end, sorry to inform you but if its not something with an off and on switch then its wasting energy the moment its plugged in.

3. Recycle & Compost, I don’t think I need to put a reason or explanation next to these, well I would hope not at least! And if you recycle but you don’t compost, look into it, because really it’s so simple. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask, id love to help or offer some ideas!

4. Are you a gardener?  I bet you hate those weeds in your yard, so you grab a weed killer at the local store, because its easy, or because you like killing the environment? Did you know there are tons of easy, green, natural, nontoxic remedies for not only cleaning up those weeds but the inside of your home as well, not only is it better for the planet and for you to breath in as your using it, but its cheaper to make your own cleaning products. For those weeds you can use scalding hot water, or you use white vinegar mixed with a little salt and biodegradable liquid dish soap! If you want to know more ways to make other cleaning products, GOOGLE is a beautiful resource people, use it!

5. There are many things that are not only beneficial to the planet but to your body, like walking to the corner store instead of driving there. Bike, Skate, Run, do something good for yourself and as your doing so take in the air and nature around you, the things that earth has provided for you, appreciate it, and love it because at the rate the human race is going its not going to be around for long.


So now, let me re-ask my initial question WHAT IS EVERYONE DOING FOR EARTH DAY, ARBOR DAY, GREEN WEEK OR WEEKEND!?


Need Ideas?!


I decided to compile some of the ones I found interesting, and would love to attend if I didn’t have to work during the scheduled times of most of these events. I do plan on picking up litter at local parks on Friday, and planting some trees and plants on Arbor Day, I have been doing that for a few years now and it is such a rewording feeling. So don’t feel awkward walking around with trash bags in hand and bright yellow gloves on up to your elbows, because you’re the one who is making a difference, every who drives bys and stares at you secretly wishes they were a better person seeing what you are doing, and hell, perhaps they will stop and help!


So if you live in the wonderful world of WASHINGTON State, I hope you know how unbelievably lucky we are, and how beautiful of a state we live in, and I hope you take a moment out of your day to help keep it that way. Even if every single person picked up 5 pieces of trash, we would have a healthy, happier, environment for the time being. The sad truth about this, is people should not be littering, and we wouldn’t have to pick it up, until then, lets go clean up some assholes garbage!


Here is one event that is going on down the entire coastline of Washington State… go join to and sign up for your favorite or closest beach for the Washington Coast Cleanup on Saturday April 23rd, Last year they had over 1000 volunteers and cleaned up 16 tons of household plastics, lost fishing gear and other garbage that would have poisoned Washington’s wildlife, water, and beaches.


There are so many events going on all around the state check out the Washington Environmental Councils list for more events  Events started on April 16th and there are events going on daily until April 30th all over the state! The events the list include are from these following cities; Seattle, Tacoma, Lynnwood, Walla Walla, Bellingham, Lake Forest Park, Bothell, Des Moines, Edmonds, Stillwater, Vancouver, La Connor, Bellevue, Carnation, Wallingford, Port Townsend, Mercer Island, Olympia, Renton, Kent, Everett, Spokane, Gorge, Kirkland, Newcastle, Bremerton, Kingston, or events cleaning up the Green River, Columbia River, or the Puget Sound.

Each REI in the area has events going on or around earth day as well, so check out there webpage for details! Lynnwood is having a speaker on climate recovery 6:30pm-8pm 4/22 or the Seattle REI has joined with the Washington Park Arboretum and organized an all day event from 9:00am-3pm 4/23 doing some outdoor projects to help the planet!


Or this one could be for anyone in any state with a DISNEY Store nearby on earth day 4/22, bring in 5 plastic bags and they will give you 1 free reusable shopping bag!


And last but not least, if you are a friend of mine, live around my roaming zone and want to get together and do some green activities with me let me know and I will make sure to drag you along!

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