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no other song is “this generation’s bohemian rhapsody”

bohemian rhapsody is every generation’s bohemian rhapsody

Exactly. 💜

Samuel L. Jackson Reads Boy Meets World Slam Poetry

I love me some Slam Poetry. Bonus because i’m also a Samuel L. Jackson fan and Boy Meets World was one of my favorite shows back in the day! So this is a win-win-win ;)

Eminem - The Monster (Explicit) ft. Rihanna - YouTube

Even Eminem is a Seahawks Fan <3 Russell Wilson style!

'Call me crazy but I have this vision
One day that I’d walk amongst you a regular civilian
But until then drums get killed and I’m coming straight at
MC’s, blood get spilled and I’ll
Take you back to the days that I’d get on a Dre track
Give every kid who got played that
Pumped up feeling and shit to say back
To the kids who played him
I ain’t here to save the fucking children
But if one kid out of a hundred million
Who are going through a struggle feels it and then relates that’s great
It’s payback, Russell Wilson falling way back
In the draft, turn nothing into something, still can make that
Straw into gold chump, I will spin Rumpelstiltskin in a haystack…’

Could It Be? Millennials Are The New Generation Of Hippies, But With Better Weed | Elite Daily

"The Beatles are as popular as ever, Volkswagen vans are back in, and hippies have just become hipsters. Black rights have become gay rights, women’s liberation is now Jezebel, and Vietnam is Iraq. LSD goes by acid, ecstasy is called Molly, and bud is still very much bud…. "

Don't worry be happy! - YouTube

It’s more than just the lyrics and meaning of this song, it’s where they are singing them from, incredible, no worries.